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The Second Maine Regiment of Volunteer Infantry Memorial


The memorial to the Second Maine Regiment of Volunteer Infantry is located at Mount Hope Cemetery just outside of Bangor. The fourteen-foot-high bronze sculpture, mounted on white granite, depicts a faceless angel carrying a wounded soldier and is accompanied by a small stone tablet at its base and a curved stone wall behind. The monument was erected at the bequest of civic-benefactor Colonel Luther H. Pierce, a native of Bangor and lumber baron, who served in the Union Army and the Second Maine Regiment between 1861 and 1868. Pierce also requested the erection of new gate posts and a fence at Mount Hope in remembrance of his comrades. However, these requests were only completed by the 1960s, the monument was designed and created by O. V. Shaffer, a sculptor from Wisconsin, and erected by the Mount Hope Cemetery and Crematory Corporation in 1962. The monument was dedicated in the same year.

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