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Essex Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument


: Located in memorial park, a tall figure on an ornate pedestal. Designed by Snow and Amis who were famous for designing statues for cemeteries, it is a similar representation to the archetypal “Soldier at Parade Rest” monument (1867, Maryland). Despite Essex’s strong ship-building industry, the only reference to sailor’s in the monument is in the form of an anchor. There were repeated campaigns for a Civil War memorial in Essex, leading to the Women’s Relief Corps to organize fundraising for the monument. Of the 186 men from Essex who fought in the war, 24 died. They made up a substantial number of those in the 19th, 23rd and 48th Massachusetts Infantry Regiments. The 48th was commanded by Capt. Charles Howes of Essex and contained four companies of Irish immigrants predominantly from Boston, which led to friction with the regiment. Currently due to building works it cannot be seen from the street.

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