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New Bedford Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument


On July 4th, 1866, this tall, obelisk-shaped, stone monument was dedicated to the soldiers from New Bedford who died in the Civil War. The monument is located in the center of Clasky Common Park; a simple, minimalistic design with an eagle at the pinnacle of the obelisk. No particular soldier is named on the monument, but the South side is engraved with the word “Army” and the North with “Navy.” This monument is somewhat atypical in that it calls the Civil War a “struggle with slavery and treason”, explicitly referring to slavery as a main cause of the war. The monument was funded by the city, with money paid to George Meacham. Currently, the monument is surrounded by a tall, iron fence in order to protect it from vandalism. The town’s annual memorial day ceremony takes place in the park in front of the monument.

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