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Mount Hope Soldiers' Monument (, Maine)


Located in the Mount Hope Cemetery, just outside of Bangor, this Soldiers' Monument was one of the first monuments to be erected in Maine. Erected by the Citizens of Bangor and dedicated to the men of Bangor who served during the war, this monument was consecrated on 17th June 1864. With the dominant engraving facing towards the Penobscot River, this twenty-foot granite monument is composed of a stepped base, a midsection inscribed with a main inscription and the names of fallen Union troops and surmounted by an obelisk. The conception of the monument, and a dedicated lot for civil war veterans, originated in February 1863 with the arrival of the body of Col. Stephen Decatur Carpenter, the first of Bangor's casualties. Over the course of 1863 The Soldiers Cemetery Corporation was formed and raised $3,489.94 from public subscription to fund the lot and monument. The monument was designed by S. P. Bradbury of Bangor and created by Sanborn & Co. based in East Cambridge, MA. Throughout the war a larger GAR lot was later established.

Monument type:



S.P Bradbury of Bangor

Dedication Date:

17th June 1864



United States


Front face: In Memory Of/Our Citizen/Soldiers/Who Died For/Their Country/Consecrated/1864 Back face: Rev. Chs. D. Jameson " Wm. J. Deane " Edward F. Orff Lewis L. Marsh " Jas. L. Rowe " Wm. P. Holden Wm. Jordan " Ransom Wharton " Robt. L. Atkins Patrick Welch " Jerh. Corcoran " Jas. Stone " Geo. C. Martin Henry N. Pollard " Asa Wilson " Isaac Berry " John Billings Jas. Robinson " Peter Cannon " Richard H. Webster " Chs. E. Bicknell U.S.N. Maj. Wm. L. Pitcher " Lieut. Walter S. Goodale " Lieut. Geo. F. Bourne Saml. L. Emerson " Daniel West " Edwd K. Flowers U.S.N. " Ozro W. Davis H. G. Claridge " Fredk. E. Webster " Dryden S. Osborn " Chas. W. Peirce Edwd. W. Hanson " Capt. Charles A. Thatcher U.S.N. Maj. S. D. Carpenter U.S.A. " Capt. John Ayer " Capt. Scolly D. Baker Edwd B. Chamberlain " John A. Dealing " Henry O. Wilson " Edwd. A. Goodale Chs. V. Dudley " Ensn. Geo. H. Benson U.S.N. " Benj. C. Benson " John W. Hurd Isaiah B. Scribner " Benj. F. Scribner " Albert M. Wheeler " Solomon C. Emery Fredk. H. Rogers " Jas. Quimby " Oscar Wyer " Rufus H. Cole Amos H. Richardson " John A. Farnham

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Conception Date:
7th February 1863
Opening Date:
17th June 1864
Concord Granite
" x " x 240"
Sanborn & Co., East Cambridge Ma.
Cost / Value:
Erected by:
The Citizens of Bangor & the Soldiers Cemetery Corporation
Funded by:
Public Subscription
Run by:
Mount Hope Cemetery and Crematory Corporation
Indigenous Land

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