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University of Alabama Civil War Monument - UDC Boulder

A large stone monument with a bronze plaque originally placed in center of antebellum Rotunda and then relocated to south of the Rotunda Plaza in 1939. It commemorated the white university students who served in the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Removed June 8, 2020 (plaque) and June 9, 2020 (boulder/monument).

Monument type:

Stone – uncarved



Dedication Date:

13 May 1914






The University of Alabama gave to the Confederacy - 7 General Officers, 25 Colonels, 14 Lieutenant - Colonels, 21 Majors, 125 Captains, 273 Staff and other commissioned officers, 66 Non-Commissioned Officers and 294 Private Soldiers. Recognizing obedience to state, they loyally and uncomplainingly met the call of duty, in numberless instances sealing their devotion by their life blood. And on April 3, 1865, the Cadet Corps, composed wholly of boys, went bravely forth to repel a veteran Federal invading foe, of many times their number, in a vain effort to save their Alma Mater, its buildings, library and laboratories from destruction by fire, which it met at the hands of the enemy on the day following. To Commemorate this heroic record this memorial stone is erected by the Alabama Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy. University of Alabama May 13, 1914

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Conception Date:
Opening Date:
Granite boulder with bronze plaque
3.5m x 2.75m x 4.3m
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Cost / Value:
Approx. $1,000-4,000
Erected by:
R. E. Rodes Chapter of Alabama Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy
Funded by:
United Daughters of the Confederacy with contributions from UA alumni and faculty
Run by:
Indigenous Land

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Dr Hilary Green