First Secession Meeting Columns (Abbeville, South Carolina)


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South Carolina



Northwest: "Lord God of Hosts, Be With Us Yet, Lest We Forget, Lest We Forget On the hillside in the rear of this memorial on November 22, 1860, the first organized secession meeting was held. On that day the ancient artillery company, the Southern Rights Dragoons, and companies of minute-men from Abbeville, Greenwood, Cokesbury, Ninety-Six, Bradley, Due West, Donalds, Wickliffe, and Calhoun's Mill marched in line together with an immense concourse of loyal citizens; repairing to the grove. They there announced their intention of defending their sovereign rights as guaranteed them in the Constitution of the United States. Resolutions demanding the immediate withdrawal of the state from the Union were unanimously passed and representatives to the convention called by the legislature were nominated. And thus, secession had its birth. "Ah realm of tombs! But let her bear This blazon to the last of times, No Nation rose so white and fair, Or fell so pure of crimes." Northeast: Was Erected by Abbeville Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy To commemorate the first organized meeting advocating the right of a state to secede from the Union. This meeting was presided over by Thomas C. Perrin, with Judge D.L. Wardlaw, John A. Calhoun, Dr. J.W. Hearst, John Brownlee, Dr. J.H. Logan and J. Foster Marshall, vice presidents; James C. Calhoun and G. McDuffie Miller, secretaries; A.M. Smith, W.M. Rogers and J.F. Livingston, Marshals of the Day. After prayer by Rev. North, addresses were made by Hon. Thomas C. Perrin, Hon. A.C. McGrath, Gen. Milledge L. Bonham, Samuel McGowan, James N. Cochran and William C. Davis. Edward Noble introduced resolutions of secession, which were advocated by Thomas Thomson and unanimously passed. Thomas C. Perrin, Edward Noble, John A. Calhoun, Thomas Thomson, John H. Wilson, D.L. Wardlaw were nominated to represent the district at the convention called by the legislature. November 22, 1860 November 22, 1927 "We have left the faith.

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