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Farmington Civil War Memorial

Description: Located in Farmington’s Meetinghouse Park, this obelisk monument commemorates the 378 Soldiers and Sailors of Farmington, who were either killed or missing in action. The monument was funded by George W. Ranger, a private in the 53rd Mass. Infantry and the 6th Maine Battery Light Artillery and presented to the town in memory of his comrades who were killed during the war. The monument itself was made by the Hallowell Granite Company, and is a copy of the 16th Maine Regiment Monument located at Gettysburg. It was erected in 1903.

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Dedication Date:

June 17, 1904


United States


Front face: This Monument Erected/And Presented To The/Town of Farmington/By/George W. Ranger/Who Served As A Private/Soldier in the Civil War In The/Fifty-Third Mass. Infantry/And The Sixth Maine Battery/Light Artillery/To Perpetuate The Memory/of His Comrades. Second Face: To The Brave Men/Of Farmington/Who On Land and Sea/Freely Offered Their Lives/That They Might Transmit/To Posterity The Priceless/Inheritance Received From/Their Fathers, This Monu-/ment is dedicated in grateful recognition of their heroic sacrifice. G. C. P. Third Face: Number of Men Furnished/By The Town of Farmington 305/ Killed and Died of Wounds 13/Died of Disease 35/Missing 25 4th Face: Farmington/1861-1865/In Memoriam/Erected 1903

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George W. Ranger
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Indigenous Land

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