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Bowdoinham Civil War Monument (, Maine)


The town of Bowdoinham's Civil War Monument is an 1864 cast-iron Rodman Gun weighing about 4.2 tons and is fixed to a granite base. It is situated at the intersection of Main Street (Route 24) in Bowdoinham. Two different committees were formed over the course of the scheduling of the monument due to a disagreement about a suitable location. Mr. W. B. Kendall, a member of the first committee, secured a Rodman Gun from Fort Popham, Phippsburg and had it delivered to the town on April 26, 1905. The monument was funded by the town of Bowdoinham, private contributors, and a collection generated from a concert organised by Mr. Gay. The monument was dedicated on August 18, 1909. The original sculpted granite base has been replaced, so has the accompanying flagpole and pile of cannon balls.

Monument type:

Memorial gun



Dedication Date:

August 18, 1909



United States


Memoria In Eterna/In Grateful Remembrance Of The Soldiers/Who Fought In The Defense Of Their Country/In The Civil War 1861-1865 This Memorial/Is Erected By The Citizens Of Bowdoinham/A. D. 1909

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Conception Date:
Opening Date:
Granite, bronze plaque, Iron Rodman Gun (4.2 tons)
Originally from Fort Popham, Phippsburg
Cost / Value:
Erected by:
Town of Bowdoinham
Funded by:
$857.78 -$400 from Town of Bowdoinham, $428.28 from private contributors and others, and $29.50 from Mr. Gay concert fund
Run by:
Indigenous Land

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