Meet the team!

Our team

Over the past five years, Commemorative Cultures has grown from a small research group based in the UK to an international network. Scroll down to learn more about our members and find out how to get involved.

Dr Kristen Treen

Project Director

Kristen is Lecturer in American Literature at the University of St Andrews. She specialises in the literary afterlives of the Civil War’s material culture.

Dr Jillian Caddell

Project Director

Jill specializes in American literature of the long 19th century, with a focus on issues of geography, genre, race, and gender. She is interested in the relationships between literature, history, and place.

Dr Alan Miller

Project Director

Alan has been involved in the use of Virtual World technologies for Cultural Heritage and in the complementary strands of real-time multimedia operating systems and technology-enhanced learning.

Dr Catherine Anne Cassidy

Project Outreach

Catherine has devised outreach mechanisms for the project site, ensures the relevance and impact of the project, and promotes the dissemination and utilization of the findings.

Dr Kamila Oles

Digital Design and Curation

Kamila develops UX/UI and curates metadata and digital assets of the monuments for the project’s front-end platform. She uses digital technologies to present the project content and communicate the project outcomes.

Dr Iain Olivier

System Development

Iain has been engaged in utilizing virtual world technologies for cultural heritage. He is currently working on a project aimed at developing systems for mapping and recording Civil War monuments.

Josh Haslett

Editorial Assistant

Josh was the first research assistant on the project and played a key role in shaping the project’s aims and content.

Dr Clare Fisher

Editorial Assistant

Clare is a former research assistant who specialises in American monument culture. She contributes to our pedagogical work and outreach efforts, and played a key part in establishing the project and its aims.

Conall Treen

Editorial Assistant

Conall is a volunteer researcher who specialises in settler colonialism and natural history collections. He researches for the project, contributes to our pedagogical work, and played a key part in establishing the project and its aims.

Dr Chelsea Reutcke


Chelsea is a former research assistant and current volunteer who specialises in early modern British book history. On the project, she creates virtual tours, offers research support, mentors student contributors, and assists with outreach.

Contributors, Friends, & Former Students

Marios Diakourtis (University of St Andrews)

Dr Hilary Green (University of Alabama)

Prof Christopher Hanlon (Arizona State University)

Alisa Matyunina (University of St Andrews)

Helena Niemann-Erikstrupp (University of Oxford)

Nanda Saravanan (University of St Andrews)

Alexandra Upton (University of St Andrews)

Nikhil Ponndurai (University of St Andrews)

Owen Eastman (Clemson University, South Carolina)

Delaney Toomer (Clemson University, South Carolina)

Our students

Sigi Macias

Chloe Moore

Lucy Allebest

Arjun Reddy Varanasi

Lewis Selfridge

Ramsay Bader

Brigid Contreras-Ridlington

Emily Amarelo

Cooper Stovall

Omar Ayman Hassan Ghanem

Collette Mourier

Mahan Nikbakhsh

E.H. Gould

Alilx Ramillon

Emefa Dzivenu

Kathryn Arnold

Elizabeth Hayslett

Audrey Herrin

Xinyi Yuan

Hugh Magnus

Clara Tipper