Commemorative Cultures: A University of St Andrews Project

Our Team

Over the past five years, Commemorative Cultures has grown from a small research group based in the UK to an international network. Scroll down to learn more about our members and find out how to get involved.

Dr Kristen Treen

Project Director

Dr Alan Miller

Project Director

Dr Jillian Caddell

Project Director

Dr Clare Fisher

Editorial Assistant

Josh Haslett

Editorial Assistant

Conall Treen

Editorial Assistant

Dr Iain Oliver

Design and Programming

Dr Chelsea Reutcke


Our Students

Sigi Macias

Chloe Moore

Lewis Selfridge

Ramsay Bader

Emily Amarelo

Cooper Stovall

Collette Mourier

Mahan Nikbakhsh

Emefa Dzivenu

Kathryn Arnold

Audrey Herrin

Xinyi Yuan

Contributors, Friends, & Former Students

Marios Diakourtis (University of St Andrews)

Dr Hilary Green (University of Alabama)

Prof Christopher Hanlon (Arizona State University)

Alisa Matyunina (University of St Andrews)

Helena Niemann-Erikstrupp (University of Oxford)

Nanda Saravanan (University of St Andrews)

Alexandra Upton (University of St Andrews)

Nikhil Ponndurai (University of St Andrews)

To find out more about the project, its rationale, and its aims, watch Dr Kristen Treen’s recent talk here: